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01/06/2019 0 comments From Dakota1995 — It’s the latest foreign company to abandon the fraying nation
12/13/2018 0 comments From Tokova — Many think of exercise as the solution for all of their health woes-even those related to the aging process. Of course, no amount of physical activity can stop us from getting older, but there's plenty of evidence that proves that physical activity can increase life expectancy by limiting the develo…
12/04/2018 0 comments From GetFocusRx — Former President George HW Bush dies at age 94 George H.W. Bush advocated a "kinder, gentler" conservatism. He also pursued policies that helped topple the Soviet empire and initiated military campaigns that ousted Panamanian strongman Manuel Noriega and crippled Iraq's Saddam Hussein. His …
12/01/2018 1 comments From admin — Wilder and Fury's heavyweight matchup could open the door for a $100 million 'superfight' $24 million fight purse to be split between heavyweights Deontay Wilder and Tyson Fury on Saturday night. Wilder and Fury are both unbeaten heavyweight champions and will fight for the World Boxing Council (…
11/30/2018 1 comments From iYapMe
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