Sites — Your body doesn’t like things to be too easy. Challenging it from time to time—with exercise, with the elements, and even with short periods of going without food—is often associated with better health outcomes.   The same is true of your gut and the foods it digests. Foods that break down and sli…
10/19/2018 0 comments From iYap — This beautiful bunker will allow you to survive the apocalypse in style Inside the secret bunker where only billionaires can afford to live   What better way to survive a nuclear blast or a tsunami than in a luxury survival bunker? We take a look inside Vivos Europa One, the world's most prestigiou…
10/19/2018 0 comments From iYap — Find out why negotiations fell through for both pop superstars. As it turns out, either Rihanna or Pink could have been the headliners at next year's Super Bowl Halftime show, but things simply didn't work out.   “Rihanna was the front-runner for next year’s super bowl halftime show," a source te…
10/19/2018 0 comments From iYap — I know summer is going by a lot faster than you wanted, but thankfully, traveling is a year-round affair if you
08/12/2018 0 comments From brenda — Masha Gessen writes about a new U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service task force that is built on the premise that the United States is under attack by malevolent immigrants.
08/03/2018 0 comments From iYap
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