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Payment Solutions

Simplify business with multiple and convenient ways to accept payments.

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Digital Wallet Solution

We offer custom digital wallet solutions with the ability to manage digital debit and credit cards, prepaid gift cards, different cryptocurrencies, and direct access to bank accounts through our premium suite of services within the App.

Crypto Payment Processing

iYap liquid Cash has all the tools users need to buy, sell and store crypto. Users can swipe their card at any atm or simply stop by one of our local Liquid Cash Express Agent Centers.

Merchant Processing

Our value-added products and services are focused on making sure your business earns the most money. keep more of your hard-earned money at 1.5%* merhcant processing fees with zero chargeback.

Digita Display Checkout Kiosk

iYap Liquid Cash POS, The trailblazer in Android POS terminal technology, is commited to empowering secure , future-proof, and scalable payment solutions worldwide.

Business Funding

iYAP Liquid Cash Fast Track Funding solves your cash flow challenges by advancing your business growth through instant settlements and quick business funding.

Supercharge Your Business

Accept Liquid Cash for more ways to get paid!

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Point-of-Sale Machines

iYap Liquid Cash empowers business, online sellers, and freelancers to pay and get paid fast, easy, and secure. Our scan and pay digital checkout allows users to simply present a QR code at point of sale. All data and info are kept secure and confidential, so you don't have to worry about your personal data.

Business Banking Solution

iYap Liquid Cash digital bank offers an online only digital banking solution. All accounts come with FDIC insurance, so funds are protected the same way as any other bank. We provide savings and business checking accounts with bank routiing number and debit card.

White Label Debit/Reward MasterCard Solutions

iYAp Provides customizable white-label prepaid and reward cards for business to help reach corporate needs and financial goals. Our card issuing comes with a global payment gateway and processing solutions for businesses and consumers. You can choose to launch your white-label cards with Visa, Mastercard, or UnionPay, set them up as prepaid, rewards or debit, and select physical or virtual options.

Virtual ATM

iYAP Liquid Cash turns any cash register into an ATM. Increase Revenue - Make money by dispensing cash to quick cash and increase your foot traffic and offer an opportunity for increased sales!

LC Top-UP Agent Service

iYap Liquid Cash Top-UP is a prepaid voucher system that lets you top-up your accounts to make secure, hassle-free online payments and in-stores. Liquid Cash Top-Up is like buying a gift card or topping up your mobile phone.

Money Transfer

iYap Liquid Cash FX is a digital remittance service that makes the oney transfer process faster, affordable, and more transparent. Because we are digital only, without any physical locations, we're able to keep our costs low and pass those savings on to you.

Mass Payout/Payroll

Make it easier for your employees to get their pay when they need it with Liquid Cash payment solutions. iYap Liquid Cash saves your company money by driving adoption of electronic pay to eliminate the expense of paper checks.

Entice and Reward

Create customized campaigns to apeal to new customers and encourage repeat business with existing customers.

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Ticket Sales Engine

Instantly save on all your sport, theater, and concert tickets. You can find and buy tickets hassle free in the iYap Liquid Cash app. Our online ticket marketPlace connects you to a huge selection of Concerts, Sports and Theater events making it easy to buy.

Geo-target Liquid Deal Promotion

Transform your everyday into unforgettable experiences with Liquid Deal and Entertainment. Discover special offers and explore exclusive events. Liquid Deals and Entertainment is a premire lifestyle service where you connect with friends, discover new trends, and get access to what's hot. Get access to memorable experiences and complimentary benefits.

Promotion & Monetization Engine

iYap360 is an all-in-one promotion and monetization engine thats integrated with a social rewards portal designed to showcase you and everything you're about. The iYap360 showcase allows you to monntize your fans, followers, and customers digitally, all while you earn money participating in e-commerce transactions of every user you directly invited to the platform. They shop you get paid, they buy tickets you get paid, they travel you get paid.

Business 360 Plans

All-in-one business command center. The iYap Business 360 suite of professional service is the best business management dashboard. Its powerful features help boost the growth of your company. It's one portal for everything, a digital solution that provides the freedom, access, value, and capability to do all-in-one-place.

Loyalty & Rewards Solutions

We've built custom reward programs that drive brand loyalty & increase sales! Each program is custom-tailored to fit your needs. We create omnichannel promotions and offer the best shopping experience across all channels through our rewards program.

White Label Product Branding Solutions

Our white labelling solution allows you to accelerate a businees around many existing product categories. You can add your own touch through branding, a great website, personalized shopping experiences, and unique packaging. You don't need to have any creative skills or manufacturing experience to sell our white label products.

Online Marketplace

iYap Mall is a worldwide marketplace that makes it easy for people to shop both locally and internationally, while earning instant LIquid Cash back on every purchase they make. Our e-commerce platform eliminates the typical hurdles associated with global commerce such as; payment issues, shipping challenges and the ability for consumers to access international products.