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One platform powering all mobile channels Mobile provides you with a variety of ways to connect with your customers. With these new opportunities come new requirements to easily manage communication with your customers through text, mobile wallet, push, an
tkittrell03 04/12/2016 0 588
Posted Apr 7, 2016 by Sarah Perez (@sarahintampa) Restaurant waitlisting service NoWait is known best by consumers for its mobile app that lets you virtually “get in line” at nearby restaurants like Chili’s and others, where formal reservations may not be
tkittrell03 04/11/2016 0 604
Crunch Network Posted Mar 6, 2016 by John Rampton (@johnrampton) It’s being predicted that by the end of this year, mobile payment transactions in the U.S. will grow 210 percent. Despite this impressive gain, it turns out that not everyone is taking advant
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