A professional game hunter has been trampled to death by an elephant while leading a hunt with an American client in Zimbabwe.Ian Gibson, 55, was tracking animals in Chewore North in the lower Zambezi Valley of Zimbabwe, when the young bull elephant “began
jjones 04/18/2015 0 665
Smyrna, GA — Meet 24-year-old Nicholas Taft Thomas, father to a beautiful baby girl, who is barely 5-months-old.  His name sadly became another hashtag on Tuesday, when police took his life shortly after 1:30 pm.The incident began when three Smyrna police
jjones 04/12/2015 0 766
FCC Votes to Regulate Internet Service (Feb. 26): The FCC votes 3-2 to regulate internet service as a telecommunications service, and thus subject broadband providers such as Comcast, Verizon, and AT&T to strict government regulation. The ruling will p
jjones 03/07/2015 0 762
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