We Love Yall, We Love Yall, We Love Yall!!!! With all of your non existant flaws we love Yall.... We Don't Like what you do at times but can't help but LOVE Yall. It's kinna funny cause I empathize with our demise as we scream, fight, protest, and cry. But
ProperEDiquet 12/05/2014 0 752
What we go thru as individuals primes us for the success we are destined to attain. It's the most simple complex truth we must preserve. These are the words from a Great Man that shape our futures Now while carving out the needed space for the next generat
ProperEDiquet 12/03/2014 0 624
We the Yappers of this iYap Nation solemnly swear to uphold Freedom for all with respect to others Freedom.!!! We Honor a Reserve the right to distribute information in and to its proper Market within our nation. We stand by our rights to Live, Work, &
ProperEDiquet 12/01/2014 0 628
O.k O.k , here it is people the census has been put out and the results are in!!! iF iT's Hot... Yap iT!!!! has pushed it's way to the head of the class. What the heck are you talking about MR. PE... well if u r asking this question, you must be initiated
ProperEDiquet 11/22/2014 1 619
The way to the road to success is paved with many lessons. For without experience, there could be no accomplishment. At some point in time u have to get out the book and live it's pages, so without trying, ultimitaley just being is the most consistent thin
ProperEDiquet 10/30/2014 0 638
Its alot to say and whole lot of nothing to be shared, inner fights are the only fights that one truly has. Well today I'm fighting with myself in regard to writing what i feel or feeling what i feel and expressing it anutha form... well here goes somethin
ProperEDiquet 10/29/2014 0 612
I had a great convo with a young brother name Blamma and my Brother/Partner Jonathan"Obama" Lee and was really impressed with the brothers head , it just goes to show there is no lack of knowledge in our communities we just hv to work to help each other He
ProperEDiquet 10/28/2014 0 604
Just want to clarify something cause i was reading my Right to the Point blog post and saw I misspelled their... I spelled it there, my bad... just want to warn u all I'm a passionate Wrighter so at times my Wrighting isnt goin to be spelled so call correc
ProperEDiquet 10/27/2014 0 563
Ok... OK... people have been asking me what is this iYap thing you keep iYappin bout, so to answer all there questions we introduce to the world in 5 direct, truthful, impactful, and ultra exhilarating passionate statements................. What is iYap n5
ProperEDiquet 10/26/2014 2 686
Love to do what you do, do what you love, if u have a problem with what you do look within and solve it. only you can!!!! iYap iT!!!!! again "The RESOLUTION Will Be Optimized"
ProperEDiquet 10/25/2014 0 586
Now That's PE...
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