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Last night around 7 p.m. (MLK Holiday) something completely amazing happened to me. I delivered my neighbor's baby!!!!! I have no experience in the medical field and never once thought of being a midwife. My neighbor, whom I rarely see, stopped me at my do
FeelallofHer 01/20/2015 3 606
Hello there. Wanted to share some lyrics to a song by Bernice Johnson Raegon. This song was written in 1975 concerning the actions and decisions by The United States. Bernice Johnson Raegon is quoted:  “The end of the long liberation struggle by the Vietna
FeelallofHer 01/08/2015 2 703
Best wishes to all iYappers in 2015! May all of your aspirations come to fruition. Be true to yourself and your loved ones. Most of all I want to thank iYap for this opportunity to spread all of me to everyone who will listen. iYap is HOT! HER
FeelallofHer 01/05/2015 0 545
PAIN HAS NEVER KILLED ANYONE.... Love lost never did either. I refuse to carry around sadness cause that's just not a good feature. I can handle this!
FeelallofHer 01/03/2015 0 563
I heard these words today and I paused for a minute to let them sit with me for a while: "ANYTHING DEAD COMING BACK TO LIFE HURTS."...... Those words were from the movie Beloved with Oprah Winfrey, Kimberly Elise, Danny Glover, and Thandie Newton. It's one
FeelallofHer 01/03/2015 0 565
“Some luck lies in not getting what you thought you wanted but getting what you have, which once you have got it you may be smart enough to see is what you would have wanted had you known. “– Garrison Keillor  
FeelallofHer 12/08/2014 0 528
Hi there! Hopefully three times is a charm and the words that I need right now will flow for me. I also hope your Sunday was as easy as mine. I just need to declare some things into the atmosphere right now: I am intelligent, I am smart, I have good intent
FeelallofHer 12/07/2014 0 579
Straight to the point while it's on my heart: There was a time in my life when I wanted so badly what I considered the "BIG things". I wanted to be a famous singer with all the fame and glory that comes along with it; I wanted to get married and have child
FeelallofHer 12/06/2014 0 585
Hey, Hey Hey! "Back on the scene wit a pocket full of green." Green lint that is. This mood I'm in has absolutely nothing to do with how my day went today. Let's just say I made it through and I'm not tired of hearing my name being called after 50 times. I
FeelallofHer 12/04/2014 1 601
Hi there! I'm Her. Her because the word (Her) makes many statements of mystery, strength and SELF love. Who I am on the inside is a mixture of substance and many emotions, all of which I believe are equally important. I aspire to be whole as a person and a
FeelallofHer 12/03/2014 2 604
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