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Here’s a thing I’ve been doing since the year began that’s made me very happy in the kitchen and it’s so simple, I completely expect you to roll your eyes at how un-revolutionary it is, but it goes like this: Find a recipe that sounds good to you and make
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Harvesting Greywater for Garden Usage — by Tiffany in Gardening One of the most cost-effective and eco-friendly things a gardener can do is recycle water for use in the garden. Harvesting greywater to water vegetable plants and trees helps them thrive dur
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Located on a canal in Utrecht, The Netherlands, this houseboat by BYTR Architects is a contemporary dream. The clients wanted the experience of living on water combined with a high level of privacy. At the same time, they requested that their home offer vi
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There comes a point, or a plateau, as in every photographer’s career (whether you are an intermediate or professional photographer) where you hit a wall. It’s a crisis of self that you are faced with when you have reached a certain point of technical profi
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Attracting top talent is your greatest strength as a company—especially as a remote culture. But talent doesn’t always knock on your door; you still have to work hard to build a world-class team. When we started Help Scout, I don’t remember any of us makin
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