About Us

About iYapit.com

iYapit, is a social rewards platform where your voice is heard, and your influence is monetized. iYapit is a promotional tool that allow you to post directly to all your social media all at once with just one click and get paid for doing it. Users can connect, post, share, promote and earn rewards for everything they do within the iYapit closed loop 360 community. Our content creators and influencers get paid for engaging, promoting participating brands and sponsored content. Additionally, they get rewarded for every transaction they make, including but not limited to, shopping, and paying bills. iYapit is the only social platform that allows its users to monetize their daily actions and transactions.

iYapit is the easiest way to reach all your target audience with just a click. Promote via social media, email, SMS and directly on platform and stay close with your friends and communities. Open iYapit online in your browser from any computer or smartphone without having to download any apps.

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