About Us

Welcome to iYap Auto?

Welcome to iYAP360: where you get paid for everything you do! At iYap you earn rewards when you browse, find, share connect with friends, you also receive unlimited cash rewards back when shop in the iYap Mall.  iYap360.com is powered by the iYap Network.

What we do?

At iYap360, we’re building the world’s most rewardable and trusted social commerce marketplace by making it easy for consumers to earn unlimited cash rewards back on everything.  We also make it easy to find great deals from top-rated brands and private sellers while providing the guidance consumers need to make a more informed purchase.

How we reward consumers with unlimited Cash Rewards back?

iYap360 rewards its members for everything they do within iYap and its affiliated partners by using proprietary technology, search algorithms, and innovative data analytics.  Users earn iYap Reward points when they search, find, share, browse, shop, pay and connect to others within the ecosystem.  Points can be converted into Cash Rewards which users spend the same as cash in the iYap Network. 

About iYap?

iYap is the next revolution in software technology.  It's a fusion of social media, content distribution, digital marketing, e-commerce and payment processing that creates a proprietary application that connects users to everything in one place.  

Why iYap360.com?

iYap360.com is a hybrid online platform built on the iYap Network.   The iYap360.com mission is to create an online revenue-sharing, social commerce platform where users, fans and brands share in the monetization of the system. The iYap system will monetize its user content by making it easily discoverable through digital distribution, social engagements and online promotions. 

Users will get paid when they promote iYap as the spot where people “Get Paid” to discover and promote what’s hot.  If it’s hot, just “Yap-it”.   “Share, Connect, or Promote” and get paid in Cash Rewards!   Users can spend Cash Rewards everywhere iYap, Visa and MasterCard are accepted worldwide; and with an iYap Cash Debit Card in hand, accessing your money is as easy as visiting the nearest ATM. 


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