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In & Out  Slow & Deep Appreciate Awake & Sleep... Live your life inhale and exhell!!!  Dont Settle for believing... Just Know!!! Everyday is an opportunity and a given right to freely express who you are completely without limits , it's all in
ProperEDiquet 08/23/2018 0 434
This is a article I copied and paste below, but I just had to let the iYap World Know WE ARE IN!!!! Go PhIns!!!! It's beenn8 years. We need the experience!!! See Ya in few. we will be swimming to the top!!! check the write up below. Now That's PE...   The
ProperEDiquet 12/26/2016 0 551
I was browsing thru the World of iYap and saw something that i wanted to reyap with you all......with the most recent artwork! Read below and overstand the depths of our World of a Nation!!!!! One World. One Love. Now REPEAT AFTER ME........   We The Yappe
ProperEDiquet 12/20/2016 1 472
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